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What Causes Diarrhea in Dogs During or After Boarding?

March 06, 2019

As a caring and committed owner, you will want to know that your dog is in the best of health while he is at a boarding facility in Kerrville, TX.

Rest assured that if your canine companion experiences diarrhea while in the care of our boarding facility, you will be contacted and made aware. However, it is really not uncommon for a dog to develop an upset stomach during or after boarding. Here are some of the key reasons why your dog might experience loose bowel movements during or following his boarding experience.

Your Dog Might Be Stressed

Boarding can be a stressful experience even for a dog who has been in kennels multiple times in the past. After all, no animal likes to be separated from their owner regardless of how temporary the break might be. The sights, sounds, smells, and new people associated with the facility and his doggy vacation may also be unnerving at best, and it is not unusual for dogs to become a little withdrawn and anxious until they settle in. Unfortunately, much like us, a dog's stress can manifest as an upset stomach and he might have diarrhea both during and immediately after his experience. Some dogs also develop mucus and even a little blood in their stools due to stress.

Dietary Changes Can Trigger Diarrhea

It is generally recommended that you don't switch your dog's food very suddenly and unnecessarily and many boarding kennels will request that you provide your canine's current food which they will serve on your behalf. However, if you forget to bring his food or don't bring enough, or if you choose to opt for food or treats that the kennel provides, it is likely that your dog will experience diarrhea while his digestive system gets used to the new food. Some dogs will even get a stomach upset from drinking water that is different from their own, and this isn't usually anything to worry about since it will pass fairly quickly.

Your Dog May Have an Underlying Medical Condition

Stressful situations have an uncanny habit of causing underlying medical conditions to become noticeable. In some instances, dogs with dodgy tummies during boarding are found to have a stress-related illness such as inflammatory bowel disease or pancreatitis. If your dog has an underlying medical condition, make sure the kennel is aware of this before you book him in. In a small number of cases, a medical condition is diagnosed once the animal returns home.

Excitement Can Cause an Upset Stomach

You know the feeling of butterflies that you get when you are excited? Well, your dog is likely to be thrilled at the prospect of seeing you and returning home, and sometimes this can cause him to develop inflammation in his gut that then trigger diarrhea. In most instances, this type of diarrhea resolves itself within 48 hours of returning home.

Has He Caught a Stomach Bug from Kennels?

Although very rare, there is an outside chance that your dog may have picked up some sort of stomach bug from kennels. Just like in child daycare, a kennel may harbor bacteria and viruses that can cause disease. Not all vaccinations as 100% effective and while any good boarding service in Kerrville, TX will ensure all animals admitted are up to date with their preventative care and have stringent cleaning protocols, it is impossible to keep any premises 100% free from germs. Nevertheless, every effort is made to minimize the risk to animals, and cases of illness as a result of boarding are very unusual.

If your dog has returned from boarding with diarrhea and you are concerned about his wellbeing, don't hesitate in making an appointment with one of our experienced veterinarians in Kerrville, TX. Please call Hoegemeyer Animal Clinic at (830) 896-6507 today to schedule his visit or learn more about our boarding facility.

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